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Default East Tilbury Battery (Pic Heavy)

I've been here a couple of times over the last couple of years and plan to go again, now i have enough good pics and info to write a report.
This site has been on here and other forums before but not with as much info etc.

East Tilbury battery was built to supplement Coalhouse Fort as part of the Thames' coastal defence system. It was constructed between 1889-1892 for long-range fire weapons. Its form rejected the stark outline of its predecessors, instead being blended into the landscape by means of a long and sloping earthern frontal area so that from a distance it was invisible. This was known as the 'Twydall Profile'. The guns at the battery, two 10-inch Mk. III and four 6-inch Mk. VII breech-loading guns, extended the tactical doctrine of invisibility, being mounted on 'disappearing carriages' which lay flat in deep emplacements for reloading and aiming but which were raised above the parapet for the few seconds of firing. Although the guns were removed when the battery was decommissioned in 1907, the remainder of the fortification is well-preserved

This site is a S.A.M and on private land, heavily overgrown and slightly Chavved.

Detailed info and plans here:
Info on Hydropneumatic Dissapearing Mountings:

Spring 2012

Support Buildings (CookHouse, Stores and Office)

6Inch Emplacement

Ammunition Hoist

Room slightly below and to one side of 6inch Emplacement

Entrance to magazine

Heading underground

Obligatory headtorch shot

Cartridge Lift

Overgrown glory

Any ideas?

I have close on 100 pics of this site on PB some good some not so good compact camera and dense vegetation are a problem here but i wouldnt have it any other way.
I shall be going back for the 10inchers very soon, should be fun as thats the most overgrown part
Thanks for looking

All my Urbex Pics are here

If lifes a rollercoaster let me the f**k off.

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