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Default Glasshaugh House, Aberdeenshire, March 2012

My visit to Glasshaugh House, Aberdeenshire. It has been posted here before, but here is my attempt.

Glasshaugh House was probably built by General James Abercrombie between 1759 (when he retired from the army) and his death in 1781 and extended and re-cast for Arthur Abercrombie in 1840 by the famous Scottish Architect Archibald Simpson.

Once used to house livestock: chickens on the second floor, pigs on the first - who reached their pens via the principal staircase- and cows on the ground.

It has lay empty for around 60 years, the owner lives next door to the property but it appears it will be left to decline further. The roof is very poor condition and there is quite a bit of wet rot amongst the floor joists, I didn't venture very far from solid ground

External facades

IMG_7132 by StussyBMX, on Flickr

IMG_7064 by StussyBMX, on Flickr

IMG_7068 by StussyBMX, on Flickr

Ground floor kitchen I think

IMG_7077 by StussyBMX, on Flickr

Main Corridor

IMG_7107 by StussyBMX, on Flickr

Main Corridor by StussyBMX, on Flickr

Always good to keep your Xmas tree for that unlikely occasion..

IMG_7135 by StussyBMX, on Flickr

First Floor Room, rotten joists, defo a no go

IMG_7082 by StussyBMX, on Flickr

IMG_7085 by StussyBMX, on Flickr

Stairs to other side of the house

IMG_7087 by StussyBMX, on Flickr

IMG_7100 by StussyBMX, on Flickr

Little bit of stair porn

IMG_7090 by StussyBMX, on Flickr

IMG_7091 by StussyBMX, on Flickr

IMG_7097 by StussyBMX, on Flickr

Umm I read the sign after I had been inside

IMG_7138 by StussyBMX, on Flickr

2nd report for me, a few smaller explores on my flickr but also got a few other good ones to get up here!

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