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Default The Grove Hospital, Shardlow - more oldies

Trawling through my copious backcatalogue I came across one location which doesn't seem to have had any coverage on this site.

These photos are from March last year when I took a tour of the grounds. Sadly the only interior I could access was a low underground area full of pipes and not having my torch with me I couldn't see if that would permit me full access to the insides.

The main hospital buildings were constructed in 1816 as a workhouse. It was converted into a hospital in 1970 and closed for the last time at the end of 2005. I believe it has since become the site of a housing development.

I swear I had a few more pictures from this shoot but meh, guess my memory's playing tricks on me. So here's what I has.

Main entrance:

Gratuitous industrial shot:

Tight alley:

No entry:

Signs of neglect:

Far too well-preserved for demolition:

Sexy roof details:

On a final spooky note then I dug this old article up - wasn't any of you folks was it?

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