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Default Granton Country House Hotel, Moffat - Aug 2009

My partner found out about this place whilst searching on the internet for information about another abandoned building in the area. She originally found it on this blog... . Judy who wrote the blog was told that the hotel had been burned down for the insurance, but the owner of the house replied to her blog stating that the hotel had been struck by lightening and the insurance company therefore would not pay out with it being an "act of God".

The fire was on Friday 15th August 1997 and details can be found here (from ...

Granton Country HouseHotel is at Granton, just North of Moffat on the Old Edingburgh Road.

When we arrived at Granton we found the main gate and headed into the overgrown grounds. The first thing we came accross was what had confused me when I had looked at the map, a large octagonal shape, which was no less confusing on the ground. The shape itself was made by approximately 9-10ft walls and inside was approximately 80 yards across was taken over by nettles. I assume the octagonal area was a garden originally (a secluded one with very high walls) .If anyone can shed any light on what it really was I would love to know. At one of the edges against the wall was a derelict caravan. I got half way across through the nettles and decided it perhaps wasn't worth fighting through the rest to reach the caravan, so turned back round and headed off in search of the house.

We found the house. It still looks imposing. It's a lovely building

We went down some stairs to the right when we went in the door into what I took to be the owners accomodation. We found a bathroom still full of everyday items, a kids bedroom, adult bedroom and a room with an exercise bike and sunbed in.

Further down the corridor was a storage room

The rest of this level was just a shell with vegetation growing through


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