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Default Gec Social Club Leicester Sep09

i put this in this catagory as its part of the big gec factory,i went a few weeks ago and it was in good condition problem was left camera in the car,this is my return visit and what a shock it looks like its being cleared before being torn down
it has 2 massive indoor squash courts with drinks tins from the 90s in there lol as i checked the best before date
ive seen loads of reports on gec but none on the social club
if the condition of the place offends anyones eys just say and il ask to have it removed but i thought it was worth seeing before its gone and think this place has a cool look to it lol

my other half and kids lol

word of warning in the big hall as you walk into the kitchens there is workmens boots blow torch coat etc you can see them in the pic also the back doors goes onto the live industrial site with cars coming and going and you can be seen as there is security on the site next to gec


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