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Default Greenbank Police Headquarters and Hospital Laundry, Plymouth March 2011

Greenbank Police Station has been stood derelict for a long time. The police first moved in in 1935, previously to that it was Borough Prison. The prison was first built in 1849 at a cost of around 12,500. The prison closed completely in 1930, with prisoners transferred elsewhere. The building was converted to the Police HQ, with the prison chapel converted into a magistrates court.

Plenty more history to read HERE

I believe the police left around 1975, and after this the Plymouth Health Authority moved in by 1987, renaming the building Longfield House. By 1991 application had been sought to get the building listed but it was turned down. However, in 2007 Plymouth Council said they would back a reapplication for listed status, and set down provisos to developers to retain the architecture.

Council report HERE

I cant find anymore information, but it would seem that the buildings are now Grade II listed, according to THIS SITE

Since the health authority left the building has been left to nature, mostly. There have been various planning applications rejected for conversions into flats, possibly down to complaints from local residents. Currently I believe Aldi own the site, but after more planning applications for a supermarket + parking being rejected the site has been left to ruin. I believe Aldi are looking to sell the site

I am very happy to report that the place is pretty well secure, but access is not impossible for most of the site. I have yet to get into the courthouse building and the outbuildings near to the main road yet though. It looks like the major clean up and securing operation was 99% successful, I found one needle & paraphernalia, along with a 'bed'. Read more on the clean up HERE

Still the place is absolutely trashed, extensive fire and water damage, collapsed floors and ceilings. Need to tread very carefully in parts. Also, I would not reccomend this explore if you have a nervous disposition! Majority of the Police building overlooks the Fire Station, when they are running around in the yard right next to the windows I found it a bit nerve wracking! The laundry is also pigeon paradise, they love flying out of nowhere for no reason....

The main courthouse building (unable to access )

The (admin?) wing, overlooking the fire station yard

1st floor, most rooms are completely trashed and literally full of rubbish


2nd floor, lots more light and intact things up here


I call this the newspaper room


The laundry, can see the newer style blockwork, an add on at some point I assume

1st floor in an adjoiing building, not reccomended


Going to persevere with the main courthouse, I've got my eye on it.

Overall it was well worth a mooch on a few quiet afternoons

Thanks for reading
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