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Arrow Atomic Weapons Research Establishment - Oct - 2011

This was a great opportunity, to see one of England's most unusual man made nature reserves.

Orford Ness has a military use ever since 1913 and has been bombed and tested so many times, there may never be a time when you will know where all the unexploded bombs lie.

In it's heyday the island has been the proud site for the invention of Radar. They also stress tested both our Nuclear bombs to the point of destruction. The Pagoda's were built in a manner that if the bombs (minus the fissile material) did explode, the explosion would be funneled upwards and the shingle on top of the roof would collapse on to the area to contain any contamination.

ALL the information you will ever need on this place can be found below,

With thanks to Digital-Nomad from Talk Urbex & The National Trust for allowing us on site for 8 hours of enjoyment!!

On with my pics (and there are a few!)...

A Birds eye view of the site taken in 1965, you can see the bomb craters from many years of practice bombing...

1. This is Lab 4 aka one of the 'Pagoda's' in the early morning sun...

2. Lab 5

3. One of the various tracks used to prevent the vehicles from sinking into the shingle...

4. Lab 5


6. Lab 6 to the right with Lab 5 just ahead

7. Lab 4

8. A room inside Lab 4

9. Bomb testing chamber inside Lab 4


11. Lab 4.

12. Inside the centrifuge in Lab 6.

13. Looking out from the Control Room to Labs 5 & 6



16. A metal dump from scrap dealers who visited during the 90's, off limits now due to protected species and unknown whereabouts of sunken bombs (Lab 2 in the background)

17. The Armoury


19. I have a new love for shooting into the Sun! From Right to left, Lab 6, Lab 5, Lab 4 & Lab 2.

Continued in the next post...

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