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Default Heartbreak Hotel. Norfolk Jan 2012.

Following MD's report I just had to go and have a gander for myself. An abandoned guest house on the Norfolk Coast a sad victim of coastal erosion and the effects of the North Sea.... bloody freezing cold day too by the sea..... I may have gone a bit pic crazy as there was so much to see so I'll apologise now if the thread gets a bit pic heavy....onwards and upwards hey ho!... Here's the front elevation of Hotel Fungus nestling a mere 10 feet from a 60 foot vertical sheer drop to the beach below....

A quick arty farty shot of a nearby landmark

These old armchairs are just left in place to rot .. and had a certain derelict whiff to them... mmmmm luuuuvrrrvely...

Along the stairs on the ground floor were forlorn postcards sent from guests from around the world... very moving

Here's a few close ups of some of the postcards..

Shux milkshake brings the explorers to the yard!!!..

That's all from Hotel Fungus for now... time to check out.... see ya

And a dreadful thing from the cliff did spring. And its wild bark thrilled around. His eyes had the glow of the fires below. Twas the form of the Spectre Hound. 'Ha' yer fa'r got a dickey, bor?' 'Yis, an' he want a fule ter roide 'im, will yew cum?'

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