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Thought i'd post up some pictures from a site myself & RM visited a while back, Mainly in use this site is still producing and rolling steel, Theres two in use coking batterys as well as a disused one, Will post more pictures when i get time.

Coke Handling Facilities


Charge Bunker for Old Cokeworks

On top of the Charge Bunker

Old Signage inside the Coking Battery

Beam Rolling Mill - there was a cat walking around on walkway to my left!

Old Rail loading Bay for the Beam Mill, - They seemed to be storing Iron Ore in there & lorries kept driving in & out.


The dvd with the rest of my photos is missing in action so untill it turns up heres a couple more off my harddrive.

Roof of the beam rolling mill

Electric Arc Furnace building? - cant remember!

Question for RM: - Is this the steelworks that had "******* Steel" painted on the side of the building near the rolling mill? - or is that the one where i bought my steel toecaps?


Right - found the dvd (it turned out to be a hardrive)(which coincidentally was under a pile of dirty socks)

Its pretty obvious from these photos where/what the site is, Can i please ask you all not to post the location or companys name in text on the thread - Thanks

Theres more to this trip than meets the eye - Just getting in & taking photos will result in getting fucked! Security know what theyre doing.

Some of these were shot in a covert stylee (fairly hard when my sigma 20-40 EX is almost as big as a dinner plate) and none were taken with a tripod so theyre not all perfect.

Looking Out over one of the in use Coking Batterys from the disused Coal Silo

Byproduct recovery plant for the cokeworks

Coal Unloading Dock

Cokeworks on far left, Sinter plant? in center & Blast Furnace on right - which is where were going next - hope your legs arent tired!

Blast Furnace

Blast Furnace (yellow thing on the ground center is a locomotive)

Gas tank blast furnace building

Gas Holder Cokeworks

Coke/Coal Stocking Ground

And now we'll head back to the Beam Mill - heres the Offices & Canteen

Think this is the right building

Wait for a locomotive to get out the way then step inside the door..

On the way up to the roof - Beam Mill

And a final shot of some bit of rusty pipe on the roof (security had been standing below the mesh catwalk i was on for the last 4 minutes so i took a photo of the closest thing to hand!)

Thats all i've had time to resize & edit - might possibly put more up next week but knowing what i'm like with getting round to doing things i wouldnt hold your breath!


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