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za gringo
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Arrow Wandsworth Bridge, Factory/Warehouses, South London

Wandsworth Bridge, Factory/Warehouses, South London

First off i hope you forgive me but i love urban decay. This is especially the case within the inner city buildings left to rot for a good few years generally end up with the locals given them a hand in the process. This building seems to also have become a mecca (Hall of fame) for some of south Londons graffiti artists also. The building has evidence of local/kid trashing and the kinda dog pissing up a wall toleave its mark animal instinct of graffiti that you kinda get anyware after a while, but on a city scale. I decided to take a looksee.

It's fairly big and has basment subsections, but it was way to dark to take any pics as i only had crappy torches. Feel free to delete if this type of site aint up to standard. Personaly i enjoyed the site and would recomend anyone, if in the area to go check it.

Outside shot of part of the building ( sorry i've no idea what it used to be, feel free to enlighten me ) My guess is stuff came in from the river/road and was processed and distributed from here. What, who knows?

Toilet shot

On to the roof next then!


This road leads to its private dock on the River

Lots of jet black doorways with stuff growing and dying from the entrances. You HAVE to go through all of them to gain access to all the rooms and floors. I did this on my own a couple of times but would suggest taking some company if possible.

Arial walkway

Upper Rooms

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