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Post North End Odeon (Art Deco Cinema), Portsmouth

This site has been in the works for so long, seeing that this isn't your normal multiplex that's gone bust leaving a small trail of the 90's in it's history. This cinema first opened it's doors in 1936, and as you'd expect was designed and built in the Art Deco style typical of it's era.

It's always been a prominent landmark along the monotonous London Road in North End, due to it's bold Art Deco style white Tower, standing proud over the entrance on the main street. I just had to see it's story before it met it's inevitable fate courtesy of Portsmouth City Council.

I'll get some more info on it as and when I can, research is slow as I can't find much on it, but I know it has a lengthy history. Anyway...

1. Welcome to North End Odeon!

2. While obviously there's no signs of the original features here, it's still recognisable as the Odeon brand.

3. There's still a lot of the contents left in the building, the phone is even still active.

4. Inside it's landmark tower. On the exterior there are bold curves and chunky blocks, Art Deco stylee.

5. There's a few bits and pieces in there still. The ladders up to this section of the tower are actually IDENTICAL to the ones in the escape tunnels in London Road Tunnel Shelter, just 2 miles away. They were both built within 4 years of each other.

6. The projection room for Screen 1. While the projectors have been removed there still remains a lot of original features.

7. These awesome throw switches are no doubt originals.

8. This particular film reel was a section of Robocop, I'm guessing it was a trailer.

9. Some pretty old (and well built) projector lens bodies, still in perfect condition. Lots of vinyl too.

10. LOVE those radiators!

11. Probably redecorated in the 1960s, this room was full of spare bulbs of every kind.

12. Installation documentaion for the original Ventilation equipment.

13. And the ventilation equipment itself! There's a lot more out of shot too, but in very cramped spaces that were difficult to photograph.

14. Onwards to the main screen, Screen 1.

15. It was strange being back here, the last film I saw here was only 6 months ago.

16. Rows of seats, all intact.

17. View from the main screen, looking back at the seating. Some of the lights were left on, others weren't.

18. Behind the main screen, there were quite a few of these... Pretty big.

19. Behind the main screen.

20. Anyone remember these?

21. The projector room for Screens 2 & 3, a blend of fittings from so many eras it's impossible to even begin to describe.

22. A film left on a manual rewind reel in Projector Room 2/3.

23. A phonebook completely covered in about an inch think mold. Note electrical diagrams.

24. Screen 4. This place paints a better picture of why this place closed down. I don't remember this screen being open and now I see why, it looks like it'd been out of use for several years due to an incomprehensible level of damp. There was mold everywhere, all the carpets, seats and walls.

25. The carpets in Screen 4 were completely obliterated.

26. This corner was the source of the damp, there was an open drain with a constant dripping. Also note the strange fungi that looks like pasta! Never seen that before... The bin was half full of water catching drips too.

27. I guess there's only one thing left to do before making for the door...

28. ...and that's catch one last viewing!

It's sad to see what is possibly the REAL reason as to why this once great cinema closed it's doors for good. The damp in the rear half of this cinema has absolutely destroyed it. The only way that it could have possibly been brought back to it's former glory would have been to have the entire interior stripped so that only the brickwork remained, then to treat the damp and start from scratch... It would have been a massive project for a fairly modest cinema with ever decreasing customers. It still would be... But I can see this place being demolished, especially given Portsmouth City Council's track record. Such a shame.
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