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Default Seaton Junction, Devon - Sept '08.

Seaton Junction is a small village in East Devon, some five and a half miles from Seaton, which derives it's name from the railway juction which served the now defunct Seaton branch line.

The areas abandoned include the railway station itself, bridge and platform for the closed line, and the next door factory, Axminster Engineering & Moulding Co. The goods yard looks as if it's in use by another company for vehicle storage.

I noticed the empty buildings whilst on a bus journey to Honiton a few weeks ago and recalled seeing the derelict station some years ago, but had completely forgotten about it. Visited with Neosea last week...and a big thankyou to him for the driving. Hopefully he'll be adding up some of his photos too.

Seaton Junction Station.

The Seaton to Seaton Junction branch line was built in 1868 by the Seaton & Beer Railway Co, and subsequently taken over by the London & South Railway in 1885. Closed as part of the 'Beeching cuts' in March 1966. The trackway which runs between Colyton and Seaton now houses the Seaton Tramway. More history and info about that can be found in the following link.

Old Station Yard.

Inside booking hall taken through the door window.

Neosea taking photos of the platform through the metal grilled gate.

More to follow.

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