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Post Wheeler's Scrap Yard, King Edward Quay, Colchester -September, 2008

Wheeler's Scrap Yard, King Edward Quay, Colchester -September, 2008

Before I went to the Bonded Warehouse a bit further to the east, I has a crafty peek at the old Scrap Yard, which you'll see is pretty must opposite the old Lighthouse Ship. I'd had me eye on this place -in particular the old House and Workshop, for years, but it had been sealed-up tight until recently. It's nice too see that the old Quayside beginning to be done-up, with some funky looking lighting etc.

On with the pics..............

Views from the Bridge.....

From the Quayside.....


Chimneys from Paxman's Factory beyond.....

For Scrap (Building included!!!).....

Old & new.....

Adjoining Workshop.....

For waterski-ing perhaps?

That's ya lot -thanks for looking



Think we're gonna need a bigger boat

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