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Old 26th Oct 08, 18:06
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Default Ghost Ads

I've been meaning to start documenting old adverts in Leicester for a long time, but never seemed to get the chance. Well today the ROC post hunt was canceled, so I set out to search for places to explore and also photo some old adverts on my journey. I found quite a few, but there are many more I didn't get the chance to photograph. I also found some possible explores, an abandoned school and nursing home

A nice old decorators advert on the side of a house
"??Redfern Painter and Paperhanger 78 Dunster Street and 5 Chartley Road"

A more modern one in the next street

This one looks like it has been painted over with different ads three times or more
"Bovril The Essence Of Good Cooking (puts beef into it)"

This one is on the side of a factory we have explored before

Not sure why this one is where it is, but its great anyway
"Mack's Garage Automobile Engineers Phone Aylestone 44"

"A.Lord & Son, Corn & Seed Merchants. Specialists in pet foods, bird seeds, pigeon corn, poultry & horse feeds, horticultural supplies. Delivery service"

On the end of a terraced house
"Leicester Co-operative Society Ltd, Stables. Offices- Union Street"

This was once a garage

An old newsagents, the shop has been closed for years and looks untouched like its stuck 20 years or more in the past!
"Picture Post"

Does anyone else have any pictures of this kind of thing?

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