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  • McLeod's Avatar
    18th Aug 19, 19:20
    Hi there. My brother took be for a look round this large explosives factory near me that covers many square miles. We only covered some of the buildings on the grounds. I hope to return during the week with the dog to take it for a walk round the place. My brother told me not to name the place in order to protect it from vandals. Here are some of the pictures -
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  • wonderer's Avatar
    2nd Sep 19, 16:11
    This is my first post so please be generous its the first time I have used a 'proper' camera I used a cannon EOS 4000D and still don't know what most of the buttons do. Anyway onto the information We know very little about this place the only insight we had was ****** dog training signs around the outside of the building and the locks on the outside where of a certain type that are used by a certain organisation. It turned out to be an eventful night with me,wappy,grez and al all staring...
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    6th Sep 19, 21:40
    The Agecroft power stations were a series of 3 coal powered stations across the North of England. These ran from 1925 to 1993 with the main power stations being demolished in 1994 (after a small delay due to nesting Peregrines) Im not sure if anything else remains other than this which is essentially a large distribution room & a beautifully decaying control room. Explored a some weeks back with Dan B, I loved this place! it just had a magical feel about it & thankfully is devoid of any...
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  • mookster's Avatar
    28th Aug 19, 15:55
    Browns of Wem is a manufacturer of pre-fab buildings located near the Shropshire town of, you guessed it, Wem. The company is very much still an ongoing active one, however they have a couple of interesting things abandoned next to their facility. The first of the few buildings is an old maintenance shed, which I'm only partially sure was definitely owned by them - it had stuff from their factory inside it, however part of it looked more like a general mechanics place than a dedicated...
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  • B W T's Avatar
    3rd Sep 19, 19:13
    Red Star Train Graveyard #04 Urban Jungle In the middle of a still active railroad area in the outer skirts of a major city lies a completely neglected workshop. Hungary's possibly most famous abandoned site is located under this roof which is by now totally destroyed due to longstanding vacancy. The "Red Star Train Graveyard" has been high up on our bucket list for years. We were surprised that this place is that hard to access despite its fame. The location is no secret anymore. How to get...
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  • mookster's Avatar
    27th Aug 19, 17:51
    I've been on a bit of a residential binge lately, I've explored more houses this year than I think I ever have before - I've not been able to travel stupidly far from home the last few months for various reasons so it was kind of out of the want and need to explore things that I found myself doing a lot more smaller residential locations than I would normally think to do. I was able to travel a little bit further afield recently and liked the look of this place after it was posted on here...
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    28th Aug 19, 12:04
    I have had a good few months exploring so have quite a backlog of pics accumulating so thought Id start with this one. This place is quite baffling (u will laugh later)but is interesting. I kinda missed the boat on this one as most of the infamous Prystock is now gone, but the Anechoic Chamber is still in there & in tact. In fact this has been "cleaned up" a fair bit from prev reports. So what is it? If you dont know but I suspect most of you do this is (Stolen from WIKI) (National Gas...
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  • KPUrban_'s Avatar
    17th Aug 19, 20:48
    The Building Dating back to 1899 this now decommissioned hospital started off as a rather imposing mansion and owned by the chairman of the bank of England, at the time. During the Second world war the building became the HQ of the VII corps then later the Canadian corps. Following the war it the became used as a rehabilitation facility mainly for the RoyalAirForce and joint services after being purchased using the RAF Pilots and Crews funding. The site lost its social club focus and moved...
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  • wappy's Avatar
    18th Aug 19, 19:44
    The first rail traffic used the tunnel in 1885. Drewton Tunnel is one of the longest disused tunnels in the United Kingdom at a length of 1 mile 354 yards (1.933 km),and lies to the east of the shorter Sugar Loaf Tunnel and Weedley Tunnel. The western portal of Drewton Tunnel is almost entirely buried with landfill and is situated in a chalk quarry operated by Stoneledge. This end of the tunnel has considerable deposits of mud on the former trackbed washed in by rainfall as a result of...
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    6th Sep 19, 14:01
    1. The History Constructed between March 1890 and August 1894, this coastal defence barbette battery cost £4,963 to construct back in the day (about £600,000 in today's money). Originally intended to be a single 17-inch B.L. gun this counter bombardment battery was constructed between Hawkins battery and due-east of Maker Farm, on sloping land facing the sea, consisting of two 10-inch B.L. guns, one on an Elswick Ordnance Company Barbette mounting, the other on a Royal Carriage Department...
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    23rd Aug 19, 07:32
    1. The History W.H.Shaw Ltd is located at Dobcross Works. The centrepiece is the Grade II-listed Office Building of the former Dobcross loom works, known locally as “The Cathedral”. Built in1890 for Huchinson and Hollingworth in a Gothic style, it is revered for its 4-stage clock tower. The loom works themselves date back to 1860. The main chimney was built in 1863 and was subsequently enclosed. A number of the original buildings burned down in 1875, then a larger works was erected on the...
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  • B W T's Avatar
    2nd Sep 19, 20:51
    MiG Graveyard #17 Late-Night Recon Mission Somewhere in rural Hungary, we just came back from a late-night recon mission. The previous explorations during this road trip have shown us how important it is to always be well-prepared. On our five-day adventure, we have infiltrated some extremely risky sites. In the past, several urbexers got caught at those places and even got punished as a consequence. We, however, have been spared. But this wasn't only because of pure luck. We always try to...
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  • mookster's Avatar
    10th Sep 19, 15:35
    Another stop on mine and @Landie_Man 's day out down on the south coast, and another spot I'd wanted to check out for a while. After doing so many residential sites lately it felt quite nice to be inside a big piece of ruined industry once more. Originally a Parrs sweets factory, Tangerine Confectionery took over the site in 2007 and closed it in 2013 with the loss of 75 jobs in order to increase efficiency at the other seven production sites located across the country. The company...
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  • JB-URBX's Avatar
    20th Aug 19, 13:00
    Hi all, I've been lurking on here on and off for almost a year and I've finally started to get out and about and do some explores. A recent long weekend away in Norfolk found me near this old church ruin. St John the Baptist possibly dates back to the 11th century. Upon the opening of a new church 'Christ Church' in Fulmodeston in 1882 it was abandoned. In March 1959 it became a grade II listed building. St John the Baptist, Fulmodeston, Aug 2019 by Jacob Bilson, on Flickr St John...
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    23rd Aug 19, 07:30
    1. Introduction A tale of two mills, neither of which we could get into. They are massive and dominate the skyline of this lovely Yorkshire outpost. If developed, they could bring in much welcomed income into Marsden. For now, they sit, silent reminders of the skyline of this one great industry 2. The History (I) Bank Bottom Mill This a four-storey mill that dates from 1824. It was originally built as a fulling mill and in the 1830s it was used by Norris, Sykes and Fisher. In 1834...
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  • UrbandonedTeam's Avatar
    23rd Aug 19, 17:06
    I love old industrial sites, and this was one we definitely weren't going to miss. In a beautiful location on the coast, this power station was a personal favourite explore of mine from our trip. Pigeon House Power Station
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  • khurbanx's Avatar
    26th Aug 19, 13:34
    Share & Coulter pub The explore Just a quick explore with boyfriends and fellow Instagram friend To finsh up the month - tbh the explore was quick on and was pretty gutted ....But i did put a hole in the floor woops :bi_polo:
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  • mookster's Avatar
    9th Sep 19, 16:14
    Had this place on my list to check out whenever I was down on the south coast, as I can't recall ever seeing photos of it before. Sadly, it was a bit of a disappointment, as the local kids have obviously used it as their hangout spot and a lot of it is trashed and tagged. But if you don't go, you'll never know right! It did have a few small plus points, one being it's literally a stones throw from the seaside and the second being the cafe at the other end of the promenade which does a...
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  • ocelot397's Avatar
    21st Aug 19, 18:36
    Moel Fferna This was a nice little explore of a site usually famous for its underground pictures. I took hundreds of photos here, so I've tried to include more points of interest, rather than relentless exterior building shots. History from the internet below:
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  • wonderer's Avatar
    9th Sep 19, 15:18
    Service station Hotel near Wakefield just off a major motorway don't know a lot about this hotel I know the name but don't want to post it the place is quite vandalised now with obvious signs of homeless and drug users frequenting this place quite a surprise to see most of all the beds mattress and sheets still in place anyway on to the pictures enjoy :) A Few from the outside first
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    8th Sep 19, 07:39
    1. The History Taylor's Eye Witness Works is situated on Milton Street in the Devonshire Quarter of Sheffield. Itís a Grade II listed building which since its foundation in 1852 has specialised in producing kitchen and pocket knives. It was believed to be the only traditional works left in Sheffield still manufacturing original products, before its recent closure. Taylor founded a knife and edge tools firm in 1820 in the Netherthorpe area of the city. In 1838 Taylor applied for and was granted...
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  • B W T's Avatar
    13th Sep 19, 18:55
    Conquering Wastelands In the past, powerhouses used to be more than just utilitarian structures. At the dawn of the electrical age, those buildings were soaring temples which should change the world for ever. While functionality is more important than design in modern power stations, it seems like architecture had a special meaning back then. But more and more of those historical sites disappear. As fans of the aesthetics of industrialism we simply had to explore an old plant on our Hungary...
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  • wonderer's Avatar
    9th Sep 19, 15:56
    We know very little about this house and why the occupants left in such a hurry leaving behind personal possessions rumour has it it was a messy divorce but cannot verify that a really nice house in leeds and lovely setting as people have not gave away the location for vandals and copper fairies and I'm not going to either this place was left so quickly even the power and lights are still on :confused: There are some really nice old land rover defenders in the garden really nice explore...
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  • wonderer's Avatar
    9th Sep 19, 15:37
    Dudfleet Mill is one of a number of textile mills located in and around Horbury in Wakefield. Piecing together some history from a number of sources has been a challenge, but interesting. ‘Wool spinning and cloth manufacture were important originally as cottage industries. At the start of the Industrial Revolution steam engines were installed at Race's Mill in Dudfleet and Foster's Mill on Engine Lane in 1795. Resistance to the implementation of new textile machinery and the factory system...
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  • UrbandonedTeam's Avatar
    13th Sep 19, 17:32
    An unexpected success at probably my favourite asylum I've seen as of yet was a perfect way to finish off day one of our Irish trip. St Brigid's Hospital So this report follows on from my first one at this hospital, so I'm gonna leave the history from this one and you can find it here if you desire:
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  • John_D's Avatar
    12th Sep 19, 11:32
    Was driving over that way today so thought I'd take a quick look and see if the vandals had destroyed what was a fairly clean and tidy ROC post when I explored it a few years ago. Imagine my surprise when I found the compound fence repaired and the gate padlocked, with a private , no entry sign on it. I walked round the compound perimeter and was really pleased to see that someone appears to have taken ownership of the post and fully restored it.:excitement: Pity a few more haven't been...
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