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  • HughieD's Avatar
    1st Aug 20, 16:01
    1. The History Maenofferen slate quarry is situated near the North Wales town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, between the Manod and Moelwyn Mountains. Situated at 400m, it was first worked by men from the nearby Diphwys mine circa 1800 and by 1848 slate was being transported via the Ffestiniog Railway. This ceased in 1857 but traffic resumed shortly after as a steady flow of slate was dispatched via the railway. The quarry was initially named "David Jones" mine until it was renamed in 1861 when the...
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  • rossthehawk's Avatar
    22nd Jul 20, 08:30
    After doing some digging, I'd found a place that I don't think has been explored before, although I could be wrong as I haven't checked everywhere. Also, due to the size of the building, there were a lot of photos taken, so this is a meaty post. If you have a vegan internet connection, turn away now. Brief History The 24,200m2 facility, at its peak, employed approximately 650 people. The facility was owned by a company called Crosslee, who was best known for producing a variety of...
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  • Tbolt's Avatar
    2nd Aug 20, 17:20
    I've wanted to do this place for years but last time I knew it was open the hole was too small for a fat lad so I had to wait a little longer. Finally got the heads up from Mr Blacksnake that it was fat lad accessible once more so along with Porky pig we went for an early morning mooch HISTORY (Stolen from the interweb) This was originally called Eddesbury, built about 1885 - one of the last grand mansions constructed in West Derby. Occupying the site of an earlier house, it was the home...
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  • Fluffy's Avatar
    16th Jul 20, 19:06
    History; (Shamelessly stolen from Glymo, sorry mate!) For well over a century the site traded as the 'Beaufort Arms Hotel' (first recorded officially in 1835) and for a time, the pubs landlord was also the guide and keyholder for the abbey. There is a relatively interesting recent history for the building, which underwent a full refurbishment in 2002, at the same time it was renamed. The owners at the time were the victims of a fraud which cost them their business and home. More can be found...
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  • Fluffy's Avatar
    16th Jul 20, 18:58
    Apologies for the brief location on this one guys, but, hopefully you'll agree, we can't let the tour bus get this one... In light of what's happened recently with vandalism and break-ins, and this new bloody Google app thingy, I just don't want to risk it. If you do know where this is, please keep it quiet, as it's absolutely beautiful inside and out. History; This place is a Grade II-listed one-time farmhouse. It became a pub in the early 1900s and remained so until a couple of years...
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  • Landie_Man's Avatar
    27th Jul 20, 12:55
    The Explore So after Bulstrode, myself and @Dragon_Urbex headed for Southall. After a bit of driving about and settling for some large Costco Pizzas Slices from Hayes Costco, we headed for this one. Another site I have been meaning to do for ages, and quite local to me. I was not disappointed at all; despite some stripping happening in parts, the Natural Decay is spot on inside and there is hardly any physical decay from any local little fucker which is a huge plus. The light inside...
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  • Mrblonde's Avatar
    24th Jul 20, 20:42
    Evening all Stumbled across this forum this afternoon so thought id sign up. Was exploring where I live earlier today and found the Cold War Anti Aircraft Gun Site in Roydon. Found an old thread on here from about 10 years from Cane and Bradleigh1977 but it was locked, so thought I’d start a new one, and get you guys some photos this weekend. Watch this space. Any history on this site in Roydon would be greatly appreciated too, as I’ve lived here since my childhood and only just...
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  • B W T's Avatar
    29th Jul 20, 19:30
    Weed Farm #01 If you enter an abandoned property, you might discover something you are not supposed to see. This is about one of the most unexpected finds you can make inside such a place... We discovered the remains of a cannabis factory set up inside an abandoned mansion. With a sophisticated system in use, it was possible to grow up to 500 marijuana plants here at the same time - illegally, of course. When police forces stormed the derelict villa more than ten years ago, they found a gold...
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  • Landie_Man's Avatar
    27th Jul 20, 10:32
    The Explore It's nice to finally get a site done which has been on the cards for sometimes years. This is a local one to me and I tried it once back in Jan 2019 and got spotted by security on his first ever day of a brand new security contract!! He was lovely but said he must send me on my way. Life got in the way, and well, you know how it goes sometimes. Fast forward to July 2020 and an absolutely gorgeous morning, blue skies, nearing 30 degrees Celsius, bliss, the perfect exploring...
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  • Landie_Man's Avatar
    27th Jul 20, 09:41
    explored with my Non-Explorer mate at the same time we did the school back in Mid June, so I've been sitting on this one a bit! The site belonged to a local University, but there is little history on quite what was done here or when it opened or closed, just a few references from 1994 online. It's obviously been closed a long time, it was getting dark and drizzly and there wasn't a huge amount to see here! #1 #2 #3
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  • Fluffy's Avatar
    16th Jul 20, 18:47
    History; My girlfriend and her family used to frequent this place regularly, apparently. A lovely little pub in its day, and very sad circumstances surrounding its demise. The pub closed in January 2015 and whilst laying empty and derelict, it suffered a devastating fire in April 2017. At the start of 2017 travellers pitched up on the abandoned site and began burning wood in the car park. I wouldn't like to speculate that they were the cause of the fire inside the building too, but......
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  • shaun that kid's Avatar
    4th Aug 20, 13:07
    History Located in the Sefton district of Southport at the corner of Lord Street and Court Street. Originally built in 1923 as a garage and car showroom, it was converted into a luxury cinema in 1938 by architect George E. Tonge. The Grand Cinema opened on 14th November 1938 with Arthur Tracy in "Follow Your Star". The cinema was designed for and operated by an independent operator throughout its cinematic life. Seating was provided in a stadium plan with a sloping floor at the front (known...
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  • Landie_Man's Avatar
    27th Jul 20, 10:02
    This is one which a Non-Explorer mate of mine told me about and we went to check it out one evening last week. There is little of interest left here, but still a few photogenic bits left about, and some nice old fashioned Cargo Boxes amongst all the modern stuff. There isn't much online about it really, but it is believed to have involved "Bustone International Removers" at some stage, who transported furniture to and from Italy, and also a car restorers seem to have used the property at...
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    13th Jul 20, 08:41
    Once again its took me ages to get round to reporting this so once again the posting legend that is @HughieD has saved me the bother of an extensive report as you can just look at his report here. Not much history to tell anyway tbh. & glad Iv just got round to this as it seemed to get hit hard around the time we were there & reports were rife The explore was a...
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  • Fluffy's Avatar
    16th Jul 20, 18:30
    History; Lets assume this place used to belong to Ensors. Certainly, the large factory floors, multiple cold-store rooms and huge outdoor-to-indoor crane and large internal lift, all suggest it was a meat processing facility. However this sign confuses me a little; I'm struggling to find what the connection was between Ensors and Hartpury College. I guess the college could have used the Abattoir as a teaching facility maybe? Can anyone enlighten? I know Gloucestershire College...
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    29th Jul 20, 19:43
    Bailey’s Factory,’ as it was called was built in 1856 by Mr. Bailey and his son, in conjunction with Mr. John Taylor, a gentleman farmer who lived in the Manor House. It was expected that a good trade would be done, many people employed, and that Ilkeston would reap a rich harvest from the speculation. But these great expectations were not realised. There was a slump in the lace trade. The factory was closed. Baileys left the town and Mr. Joseph (sic) Taylor, who was the chief financier,...
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  • shaun that kid's Avatar
    3rd Aug 20, 23:45
    History The Gaumont Cinema is situated on Park road Dingle in Liverpool it was built and opened in 1937 and housed Britain’s first Gaumont projectomatic system. This is a cinema system that automatically changed film reels and controlled the lights. The 1,500-seat Gaumont was designed by WE Trent, the chief architect for the Gaumont-British group, with a specific curved frontage to follow the shape of the corner of Park Road and Dingle Lane The art deco building was built to replace the Dingle...
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    5th Aug 20, 08:21
    1. The History Taken from the Cadw Listing database: “The church lies in the central section of the valley, set within its large, rhomboid churchyard on the low-lying valley floor, set back from the road. The church is perhaps seventeenth century in origin, and the centre of a separate parish centred in the Pennant valley. It was considerably altered in the nineteenth century, to designs of Henry Kennedy, architect, of Bangor; its restoration scarcely influenced by gothic revival...
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  • shaun that kid's Avatar
    5th Aug 20, 22:34
    History As an overview: "The theatre officially opened 10 December 1900 and was last in use as a bingo hall in 2008. The original capacity was 2,000 seated, this was increased to 3,000 in 1910. It has been placed on the market by its current owners Palatial Leisure Limited" Less than a year after opening, in 1901, the theatre began showing films and in 1913 it was granted a cinema licence. The owner/managers, Messrs J. P. Moore & Montague Beadyn, also increased the capacity in 1910 from...
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  • UrbandonedTeam's Avatar
    31st Jul 20, 20:19
    St James' Baths On the right - the baths in it's theatre period.
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  • Belfry's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:27
    This little chapel is part of the Crawfordton estate. The present house in the estate was built in the 1860s as a private residence. In 1940 it was converted for use as a prep school, taking in pupils evacuated from Belmont House school in East Renfrewshire during the war. It was run as Crawfordton House school until closure in 1995. At this point Cademuir International School for high ability and high potential learners purchased the estate. The school was forced to close in 2006...
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  • mookster's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:50
    Recently I was given the chance to go up to the furthest far reaches of Scotland with one of my friends to do a delivery and of course the plan was to get all the work done and then do a few explores afterwards and on the way home whilst collecting other things. On the drive up I lost count of the amount of derelict buildings I pinned on my phone to check out but unfortunately due to the timings and having to do collections we only got around a few places. It was an incredible roadtrip though,...
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  • mookster's Avatar
    Today, 10:31
    Whilst up in Scotland on our way to do a collection whilst heading back homeward bound I spotted this hulking great lump of a factory off in the distance and knew immediately that we'd have to come back to it after getting the work done. From the road it looked very inviting and after some quick consulting with the lord of knowledge that is Google I quickly found what it once was. The Arrol-Johnston Company operated originally as Mo-Car Syndicate Ltd., a joint venture between George Johnston...
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  • Newage's Avatar
    Today, 06:31
    Hi All A nice little solo trip to this mine south of Bristol, getting out of the heat of the day and in to the cool. Sandford Levvy is a horizontal adit. 450m long, running south into the hill. Two crossroads provide short but interesting detours and some difficult climbing in excavated upward extensions, In 1830, a Mr. Webster, dug the adit in an attempt to locate a worthwhile ore body. A find of galena was reported and small veins of blende can still be found. The above info is from...
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  • mookster's Avatar
    Today, 10:30
    Anyone thinking of heading here might want to delay their plans a bit. The preservation people caught a load of pikeys burning plastic off cables and cutting stuff up in the shafts the other day, the fire damage is pretty bad and it's not a place to be right now.
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  • Belfry's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:00
    Thank you :) I was looking up the stained glass to see if I could find out more information and I came across a scouting history blog with a recent picture of the scout piece. It seems to have had quite a lot of work done and the scouts uniform is now a strong dark blue - the author of the blog noted it was strange to have a blue uniform(!) I’m happy to have a reasonable record of the windows before they had the work done.
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  • Scaramanger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:29
    Great work... went a couple of years back slogged up to the top sheds and weather came in like from hell itself..Beat a retreat down.. Going back within the next couple of months to try again..
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