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  • HughieD's Avatar
    25th Jun 19, 12:22
    1. The History Initially information was hard to find on this place which was a bit surprising giving the size of it and its former house. But after repeated searching I eventually found one document that turned out to be the holy grail. The document in question was TR Project's Historic Building Assessment (under instruction from The University of Leicester) which can be found HERE Even more interesting is the reference in this document to two thick files of archive material on the...
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  • mockney reject's Avatar
    21st Jun 19, 07:49
    The History Ettore Bugatti was a French car manufacturer of high-performance automobiles, founded in 1909 in the then-German city of Molsheim. The cars were known for their design beauty and for their many race victories. Famous Bugatti’s include:- The Type 35 Grand Prix cars,
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    19th Jun 19, 20:43
    Its hard to believe this is "just" a stable block, the scale of this place is extraordinary. A friend mentioned this by saying "there is some castle thing over that field" & its easy to forgive him for thinking that. This is the stable block for Bradgate house which was demolished in 1926 but somehow this survives (just). It was built on a lavish scale (the bill is thought to have run to £30,000) for the Seventh Earl of Stamford when he was made Master of Quorn Hunt in 1856. It was...
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  • Landie_Man's Avatar
    12th Jul 19, 18:00
    Mollins Cigarette Making Machine Factory, Princes Risborough – July 2019 Last week; once again no one was able to explore, and I had the day off work, so I set about seeing what was local. This has been literally 10 miles from my house and disused for about 12 years!! I may have only started exploring 10 years ago; but the remaining two buildings of the factory were here this whole time, and it looks as if they were quite good up until recently. It was a beautifully hot day last week,...
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  • motionlessinmike's Avatar
    24th Jun 19, 18:16
    Hello all, first post on DP. I've lurked for a while so I figured I'd better make a post. A fellow explorer described this place as his dream cottage, so the name has stuck. 'House of the Damned' it ain't - it's actually pretty sparce, but this cute two-up two-down cottage is set in the middle of nowhere in the Peak District and is very charming.
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  • mockney reject's Avatar
    21st Jun 19, 07:41
    The History Construction of the large Bovisa gas works started in 1905, and it, along with its gasometers, has come to be a distinctive symbol of Milan. Enclosed in the teardrop-shaped railway yard, the area and its neighbouring district have been subject to various redevelopment projects, including the locating of some campuses of the Milan Polytechnic, though the gasometer site is still being studied to develop the reclamation and repurposing projects. In Milan, the first plant to...
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  • UrbandonedTeam's Avatar
    5th Jul 19, 18:06
    Quite a simple but unique explore this one, and it made it better that we got in when we heard from others that went there was a guard lurking somewhere. Car Dealership In December 2018, there was a massive overnight fire, causing incredible destruction to this property. All surrounding homes were vacated and the fire was put out completely two days after. Since then, everything sits inside torched, and the only possible end result can be demolition, which probably hasn't occured...
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    5th Jul 19, 19:06
    1. The History The earliest parts of this mill date back to 1822. These were extended in 1827. The owners, Joseph and George Hinchcliff, took raw wool and processing it into spun yarn. By the end of the Crimean War in 1856, the Hinchliff's were starting to experience difficulties running the business, and by 1873, James Watkinson had moved into this mill. At the start of the James Watkinson’s tenure comes the first episode of some significant industrial strike action with 40 of his power loom...
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    25th Jun 19, 23:22
    1. The History The bonded Railway Warehouse was built for the Great Northern Railway (GNR) at their Friargate Station in Derby between 1877-8 by Kirk & Randall of Sleaford. Constructed of red brick with a Welsh slate and glazed roof, it was rectangular in shape with triangular office block with a mezzanine floor to the east. The main part of the warehouse was built over three floors. The basement level was used for storing bonded goods of all types. The next floor provided more storage whilst...
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  • Mikeymutt's Avatar
    4th Jul 19, 22:32
    I had seen a report on this place a few years back by bikinglynn. And remembering it looked quite nice, so whilst me and man gone wrong were in the area we had a little look. We still did not know what to expect. As we walked along the edge off the field to it you would think it was just a shell off an old building. But it is quite lovely inside. the old pumping gear had gone a nice green colour and the place though small had plenty off character. We actually spent quite a lot off time here....
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  • mookster's Avatar
    8th Jul 19, 18:52
    I first visited Healings Mill waaaaayyyy back in 2011, and back then on my visit half of the mill was locked tight. I went back a couple of times within the year, but found it sealed the first time and then arrived the second time to find Tewkesbury, and the grounds around the mill, completely underwater. Then the machinery began to be dismantled inside and the modern extensions were demolished, and I assumed following that turn of events the site would be developed. I was so convinced of this...
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  • mookster's Avatar
    25th Jun 19, 15:43
    It's only taken me a great number of years but I finally managed to tick Silverlands off my to do list. Whenever I'd thought about doing it in the past it had always been on lockdown, or something else always popped up, so it kept being pushed back and back and back, however with the recent change in circumstances there it seemed wise to get it done before the place falls further into ruins. I'd have loved to have seen it years ago when it was mint, but equally it's currently now sat in a...
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    3rd Jul 19, 09:45
    Been meaning to pop in here since seeing mooksters post last year (thanks for the heads up) and I manage a steel stockholder & fabricators myself so it struck a particular chord! I didnt research any history before going & as I walked around presumed that the company had folded as there is an alarming amount of paperwork left behind with personal phone numbers on & company accounts / invoices etc. It was only later I realised that they have relocated & are still going strong. I know how...
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  • mockney reject's Avatar
    21st Jun 19, 07:45
    The History Back in 2015 the Italian army started to decommission and dispose of a large part of their surplus armor inventory. Unlike some other European countries, for nearly twenty years Italy has not released any tanks removed from service. Many of these vehicles are stored in the rice fields near Lenta, an area with contains nearly 3,000 tanks and APCs. Included in the collection, said to be the largest concentration of armoured vehicles of the world, there are 2700 Leopard...
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  • Mikeymutt's Avatar
    22nd Jun 19, 20:23
    I have visited these church ruins many times including the other ruin five minutes drive away. I have not been to them for a few years now so thought whilst in the area I would pop in. I always enjoy seeing them just sitting there slowly having nature take over. St Mary's has always been my favourite one. I have no idea when the church was built, but it is centuries old. And this and its brother St john's were both abandoned around the 1880's with falling numbers. A new church was built in the...
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  • Newage's Avatar
    12th Jul 19, 08:20
    Hi All This was the mission for out last day of the hot as hell road trip to Plymouth, we went to Cremyll fuel depot last time but did not get to see the underground area, I can`t understand why there are no reports of this place on the net, I`m not even sure it part of the coastal Cremyll fuel depot. Thanks to HughieD for some gen and poss location - you were spot on mate (we missed one tank only just found out). If anybody knows anything about this place please let us know...... ...
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  • mockney reject's Avatar
    21st Jun 19, 08:06
    The history It took me a while to find some history on this place as I didn’t know its real name and as it had no signage on it to help me. In 1984 the "Detailed Plan for the Corassori area" was approved, developed by Gregotti Associati, followed in 1987 by a series of variations to some sub-sectors, including the large lot on which the new service centre of the Banco San Geminiano and San Prosperous were to be located. The project by Carlo Rusconi Clerici was designed to mark the...
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  • Newage's Avatar
    12th Jul 19, 07:58
    Hi All The last port of call on our Plymouth road trip, this battery is on the West side of Plymouth around the Maker heights area, the Battery was built in 1894 and was abandoned by the MOD in 1946, it only has 2 gun pits but they are big as they were for 10" BL guns (that`s blooming big in new money), the 2 gun pits are linked with underground magazines. Lots of good stuff to see... (Watch out for the bee hives at the far end) Pictures.
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  • mookster's Avatar
    22nd Jun 19, 15:03
    Around two years ago I first spotted this building, sandwiched in a very busy area with definite curtain twitchers all along one side and a very busy main road to another. The first time spotting it was definitely too busy outside to attempt to enter so I put it on the back burner and occasionally planned to check up on it. Whenever I did it was always the wrong time of day, however I decided the time was nigh to finally nail it, and we did, partly thanks to a great stroke of luck in regards to...
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  • mookster's Avatar
    15th Jul 19, 17:31
    Visited this place on a little check-up of things fairly local to me, saw it had popped up recently so thought why not. Was a good little mooch in a fabulous setting, however the extremely close railway bridge is somewhat offputting I'd imagine - if it was me lucky enough to be the purchaser of the property I'd perhaps want to build a house a little further away from the bridge! The house is situated on an Black Potts Ait - the island which gives the house it's name, and is currently for sale....
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  • Savage Blonde's Avatar
    15th Jul 19, 18:05
    Savage Blonde started a thread Ron's Place in Rural Sites
    I love when I explore a place and come out of it as if I knew the people that once lived there!! Not sure where Ron is now but I enjoyed getting to him 😊. Not sure how to post pictures of this place but I'm sure I'll eventually figure this forum out 😉
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  • Newage's Avatar
    11th Jul 19, 11:59
    Hi All The Fluffy and Newage road trip continues - deeper into Devon where they do all say "Proper job" all the time. The last site of the day was Leighbeer tunnel. Stick with me on this one as there is a surprise in store. The tunnel was opened to traffic in June 1859 and then totaly closed in 1966, the tunnel is a single board tunnel and is 307 yards long, the tunnel is on a sweeping bend so nice and dark (apart from the bloody lights) as the tunnel is now part of the Devon cycle...
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  • Newage's Avatar
    11th Jul 19, 15:06
    Hi All Day 2 of the road trip, Fluffy wanted to see this place most of all as we never had time the last time we were down Plymouth way - (And he needed cheering up after the morning fail-a-thon). Built in 1905 it was intended to arm it with three 6-inch BL guns but only two emplacements were completed. In 1930 the battery was disarmed but in 1941 the battery was rearmed with two 6-inch B.L. guns once more. One twin-six QF gun was added with two 6-inch BL Naval guns and two 12pdr QF guns...
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  • Landie_Man's Avatar
    12th Jul 19, 17:35
    Foley House – July 2019 So; a week or two ago after a 9 week break from exploring due partly to having three weeks off after an operation; work commitments and other things getting in the way, I decided to do some solo exploring after learning most friends were busy; it was a weekday after all. I had the day off work; so alone, I set off on an 85 mile drive to this location. It’s in a rather nice, leafy area and is relatively untouched. Foley (originally Folly) House was opened as...
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    13th Jul 19, 23:35
    1. The History The works are located on the east bank of the River Derwent, immediately to the north of Matlock Bath, and are accessed from a metalled road off the main approach to Matlock Bath Railway Station or via footbridge over the river from Dale Road (A6). The site was originally known as Viaton and was established for the mining of iron ore in the first half of the 1800s. When this was exhausted in 1850, Lead carbonate or “white lead” (a pigment used in white paint since the 4th...
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  • mookster's Avatar
    13th Jul 19, 17:25
    This is somewhere I really should have got around to seeing sooner, as it's a building I've found myself headed past innumerable times in the past and, for as long as I can remember, it's always been derelict. However it's one of those places that always gave off an iffy, indescribable 'vibe' to me as a kid, and I guess that reticence carried over to my exploring days. I finally saw some photos from inside a couple of weeks back and realised that it was actually a lot better than I was...
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  • Newage's Avatar
    11th Jul 19, 15:51
    Hi All Day 2 of the road trip - saw me and Fluffy having a wee mooch around Woodland Fort. It says on google-ma-bob that the place is a community center so it must be open to joe public, the place is being done up right now so a bit of a free card. Built in 1868-1870 It was intended to mount 18 guns, two of which were in Haxo casemates on the flanks(these are there on the top). The ditch is the same as that at Agaton, flanked by guns and musketry. It has a defensible guard room and...
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    5th Jul 19, 19:09
    1. The History Not a whole lot of history about this place on the internet. Now known as Victoria Court, it was a former hospital in the attractive market town of Ashbourne in Derbyshire. Initially known then as the Ashbourne Victoria Memorial Cottage Hospital, it opened in 1897 as a charitable institution and was an imposing building on Ashbourne’s Buxton Rd, next to St John's church. An Ashbourne landmark, there were even postcards issued as illustrated here: Ashbourne Victoria memorial...
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