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A few of my photos:

Forest Mills, Nottingham:
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Trashed house and angry farmer...

There's a rather trashed house near Shaftsbury in Dorset (you know the one), got the chance for a quick peek recently but only been in for 5 mins getting photos,when I heard loud voices outside(my mate was out side not really keen to come in) Ducked out the back door to be met by a rather irate farmer type bloke! He was ranting and raving how he was sick of people stopping at the property(the place was wrecked and metal thieves etc had been in,although judging by the brambles inside the building must have stood empty for years) I kept it nice and said I just like to document and photo old buildings,anyway as I was leaving he asked where I was from,I named the nearest big town to me and he gasped well haven't you got a job to go to!? I still kept it polite but nearing my threshold! I don't think he was even the owner, told me it was waiting to be demolished and it couldn't happen quick enough! Even tried to move us on when we were sat on the public road! Could have done with abit more time in there...
There is or was one in Malvernbury Care Home, which as yet hasn't burnt to the ground.
Newsome Mill

Newsome Mills sits at the heart of Newsome – both geographically and historically. The mill was founded by John Taylor in 1827 and was a working woolen textile mill right up until 1983. During the 156 years of its operation, the mill made a significant contribution to Newsome. The village has grown around the mill, which was the main local employer for a long time. Many families who live in Newsome today have a direct relationship to the building.

Newsome Mill by Martin Crosbie, on Flickr

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