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Thread: Claremont House - July 2016

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    Default Claremont House - July 2016

    This was the 5th stop of the solo trip up north. I had a look at a few other sites before this one and had a couple of fails along the way. This has seen better days but hopefully it will be saved before its too late, however there was a couple of nice features left. Sadly i could not gain access to the forensic mental health services building.

    This is a late 19th century red brick manor house was originally a home complete with servants.

    It was last lived in from 1920-1950 and the building has had a 1970 extension and is currently in a dilapidated state and in need of extensive renovation or redevelopment.

    The NHS added extensions to the building known as assertive outreach and forensic mental health services. It was also used briefly to house asylum seekers. There was a fire in 2009, this was mainly downstairs to the rear.

    on with the photos

    1 by JSP 77, on Flickr

    2 by JSP 77, on Flickr

    3 by JSP 77, on Flickr

    4 by JSP 77, on Flickr

    5 by JSP 77, on Flickr

    6 by JSP 77, on Flickr

    7 by JSP 77, on Flickr

    8 by JSP 77, on Flickr

    9 by JSP 77, on Flickr

    10 by JSP 77, on Flickr

    11 by JSP 77, on Flickr

    thanks for looking

    Unfortunately the money was not real.

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    Some nice features remain, I liked it, Thanks

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    Certainly seen better days mate.great set
    I like to go where others fear to tread.

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    Nicely done. I had a second look at those 10 pound notes and the Queen's hairstyle looks different in each note, counterfeit? Maybe.
    When the going gets tough - the tough get going.

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