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Thread: My Old Demolished Hospital Mortuary

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    Default My Old Demolished Hospital Mortuary

    Hi to everyone I just wanted to introduce myself to this new website. I am enjoying so much the Hospitals & Asylums page, & must say, on here are some outstanding photographs! I love abandoned places likewise. I once worked in a local Infirmary in Scotland it was, when I started already 110 years old & I worked in the operating theatres for four years as a Theatre orderly, before undertaking my legit training as an Operating Theatre Technician. Right across the Courtyard, under an arch was the Hospital's Mortuary which I visited twice whilst I worked there. What I found fascinating, & was inexplicably drawn to, was the Mortuary door! It was a single WIDE wooden door with a HUGE pane of frosted glass with emboldened calligraphy which I have faithfully replicated here-right down to the 'Lucida Calligraphy' Font! I hope members do like my effort-I have a further tale about the mortuary-but that will be another time.

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