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i'm afraid its too late. the whole site was cleared last year and now has a housing development built over the site.
it was a strange place this, i saw it in use only 3 years ago. it suddenly closed and within a month a large metal fence was erected round the site. within the same year the site was completely demolished and is now redeveloped . it all happened so fast. i really wanted to get in here but as i said, it was cleared very quickly.
apparently it was haunted according to the local paper !
glad you managed to capture a few pics of it, well done
Oh, sounds like I was quite lucky in my timing then. I just happened to spot it on my way out to Shardlow one day and the feeling I got was that nothing was happening in a hurry. Ridiculous that it was leveled when (at least some of) the buildings were plainly in pretty good shape.

And yeah, the haunting report was what I linked to at the end of my first post