Huyck Ltd were involved in the manufacture of equipment used in the paper making and textile production industries. Trawling through the interweb I can't find out a lot about this specific site, other than it closed sometime in 2005 and has been empty ever since and also a planning application is in progress for the building of 250 homes on the site.

It's a pretty substantial size, but as with most factories of its type once all the equipment's gone, which of course it has, all you're really left with is a massive empty warehouse.

It was still interesting none the less and there were a few interesting bits and pieces left in the offices.

Oh, and the power's still on :D

Manufacturing floor, more recently been used as a drag strip by a white van and peugeot 106 which were dumped in there for some reason.

Off the manufacturing floor there were quite a lot of bits and pieces left.

Including some kids toys for some bizarre reason

Boiler room is pretty impressive



Loads of odd bits and pieces in the offices, including this really old Panasonic camcorder

Decades of accounts.

Another Safe

As I said, the power was still on in some parts of the building.

Staffroom, looks like it's been used more recently as a den for local kids.

Product Brochures

Someone with a sense of humour

Awesome light fitting above the stairwell.

Thanks for looking!