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    After many trips to the superb city that is Hull, we have always seen this building on the side of the road...its a very imposing looking building and after attempting it a few times and failing due to fantasticly secure boarding/security we finally made it in turned out better than we had imagine, very oldy worldy inside, lost grandure, its mostly natural decay rather than chavved...

    Its definately worth a visit if your in the area...

    a few pictures...



    a polite notice...

    photogenic staircase...

    the gaffers office...?

    the rooftop's with loads of skylites...

    the original dock overgrown...

    rooftop view...

    which is the way out...?

    really atmospheric...

    turk ;)

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    Nice, The staircase looks pretty moody! Its a shame about the boards over the top windows, Must make it an awkward place to photograph.


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    Lightbulb Re: Lord Line

    you may find the following lijnk of intrest.

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    The staircases were awesome, fantastic to photograph...when we were thinking about the photography side of it before we went in we thought it would be very tricky without using the flash...but when we got in, the immense amount of sky-lights and the different levels of roofing made for reasonably nice photos...

    cracking little place...definately worth a hull-visit..some good stuff...

    turk ;)

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