Ironbridge Power station-Feb 20

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That's an epic exploration bud, it's pristine! Well done.

Your story about avoiding demo workers reminds me of one we did in Brum many years ago when we literally walked in through an open door - we couldn't believe our luck! Anyhow we had only been inside about ten minutes when we heard banging and sawing, so we crept down the corridor and peeped round the stairs only to see that workmen had just finished boarding up the door! So we waited until we heard them drive away and contemplated our quandary. Then in the end we decided, fc*k it, at least we aren't likely to be disturbed and got on with finishing the exploration. Getting out was a bit hairy though but we did manage it without breaking anything least of all our necks!

happened to my mate with his Mrs, they got in somewhere & guy screwed the window up while in there.
I believe the board got booted back out but tbh in that situation Id do the same if there really was no other way