Pumping house, Boultham Junction, Lincs

Revisited the pump house I found a few years back, took a couple of friends who wanted to see it with me. After a trek through brambles, masses of stinging nettles and more bugs than you could shake a stick at wed arrived at the old pump house tower, not much to see at all, a bit of graffiti on the walls and a few nice arched windows, after taking a few pics, we trekked back through the undergrowth, being careful not to tread on any of the baby frogs we kept seeing everywhere, History I could find is below, So I actually dont know if the main building was part of the pump works or not, the main building has various rooms all on one floor, it looks like there was a canteen area at one point, aswell as toilet blocks, and what could have been waiting rooms, it may have served as a station at some time, but Im only speculating. unfortunately there are no clues to give you any idea.

LARA ERA Industrial
LARA Record Number 11.4.3
The new drainage schemes to the south-west of the city were eventually provided with powered pumping engines (Herridge 1999, 5103). The pumping station, which formerly existed north of the drain and south of the Wellington Works (Herridge 1999, No.5365), was probably part of this system in origin. Remains of this structure will survive below ground and should be included in studies of the water-management regimes of western Lincoln. Further west, the red brick building of c.1882, which housed the water-pumping engine at Boultham Junction (on the west side of the railway tracks at Boultham Junction) still stands, although roofless. Although full records are required of the building during conversion or demolition, archaeological research might concentrate on the foundations for the engines themselves. We need to understand where the engine provided at both of these fitted into the development of local pumping technology and provision. The sites' fuel supply network also needs identification. It is presumed that the engine of 1882 related to later stages of water control in The Holmes, and an important research aim should be to ask whether this engine replaced an earlier one, on this site or elsewhere.

Any way here are some of my pics.

First the tower.

myself in the middle.

Ok heres some from the main building,

strange noose!

I know its not an amazing explore but I hope someone might enjoy