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Thread: Penallta Colliery, Hengoed, Wales November 2016

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    Default Penallta Colliery, Hengoed, Wales November 2016

    Penallta Colliery, Hengoed, Wales November 2016

    So, one last site before the Severn Bridge for Mookster and I on our South Wales tour. We pulled up right next to this one and spent 20 mins or so in a small area.
    Penallta colliery was first sunkin 1906 by the Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Company. By 1908 there were 291 men employed at Penalta.

    The two shafts Nos.1 (downcast) and 2 (upcast) were 783 and 750 yards deep respectively. 1909 was the year that the first coal was raised, and it was considered to be one of the most advanced collieries of the time, using up-to-date coal cutting machinery.

    Come 1923 there were 2,395 men employed, producing from the Six Feet seam. At peak production during the 30s, there were over 3,200 men employed.
    In 1930; 975,603 tons of coal were produced at Penallta, and in 1935 it held the European record for coal winding in a period of 24hrs. By the late 1940's; the Meco-Moore Cutter Loader was installed, one of the first power loaders to be used in British mines.

    During 1960; the shafts were extended to reach 800 yards as part of a scheme, which included electrification of the shaft winding engines. Penallta was now the last deep working mine in the Rhymney Valley.

    Over two decades later, access to coal was becoming more difficult, the colliery managed to survive the famous British 1984-1985 miners strike, and made impressive gains in production after the return to work.
    The last shift led by a brass band sadly left Penallta on November 1st 1991, the last deep mine working in the Rhymney Valley.








    More Coal Dust At:

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    Is the bath house still there?
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    I think this was like the engine house or something

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