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Thread: Redland quarry..Norfolk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirus_Strictus View Post
    My late Uncle was Group Quarry Products Manager for the concern for many years and this place ran out of viable product (read profitably quarried) for the UK market. Sand and aggregate were the sold to strict standards back then in order to recoup the maximum profit. The 'soft sand' warning was for none company drivers who came on site to load up and were prone to backing off the hardstanding with obvious results. The name tags on the control buttons will give the sieve sizes of the sand and aggregate that were the end products here - you can see a 50+mm aggregate tag in one of the photographs.

    Local planning regs mean that this place will be too expensive to reuse for other business. It should be demolished and the site returned to nature, but I doubt that the holding company will ever spend money on that procedure! Shame, because they should be forced to clear up their mess after making nice profit from the area.
    Thank you I wondered what the soft sand warning was for..there are many quarries around the country just left..we touched on this on another quarry we visited the other week.some have been restored to nature.a prime example is at leziate near kings lake a really looks like a tropical can see it on Google earth it stands out a mile from the other lakes.sadly it's a haven and magnet for swimmers and there has been quite a few deaths due to lots of reed etc growing in the lake
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    Loads to see there Mikey. Top job as always. Nature really trying to take this one back.

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    Love all the wires as buttons!

    Nice one Mikey

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    Love this mate
    Your photos are excellent even though you say there isn't much it looks good to me.
    Don't panic, be reet!!!

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