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Thread: Holdings Country Pottery, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire – July 2017

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    Default Holdings Country Pottery, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire – July 2017

    Holdings Country Pottery, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire – July 2017

    Another backlog lol!

    Back in July, Mookster and myself headed up north for a 650 mile round trip Road Trip with about two A4 pages of sites to do! Very good news; however we only managed four out of about twenty due to loud alarms going off, places being sealed up tight, horrible undergrowth and pretty much every explore failing thing you can think of, such is life. One thing is for certain, “you cant do em all!”

    Holding's Country Pottery was originally founded in 1842 by James Holding. The original pottery was built a short distance away in Gaulkthorn, another outlying area of Oswaldtwistle.

    James Holding moved his business to Broadfield in 1860, and in 1900 his son Grimshaw Holding; set up the pottery on the present site where the derelict remains sit.

    From then till it’s closure; the pottery stayed here and the business was passed down from father to son until it's decline.

    Holdings was originally powered by a steam engine; sadly no longer in situ, but the line shafting is still present.

    There were magazines and brochures pointing to a late 1990s closure. I am thinking around 1999-2000 at a guess.











    More At:

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    Some cool looking machinery there, thanks.

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