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Thread: Abandoned Gasworks - Vienna, Austria - August 2017

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    Cool Abandoned Gasworks - Vienna, Austria - August 2017

    As if we were exploring a ghost town! At least it felt like that when we were visiting a vast abandoned industrial area on day two of our urbex road trip in Austria. Once, this was one of the biggest gas works sites in the region. Today the compound fallows and nature is winning back what was once hers. Together with Tato from the YouTube channel “thetatogram” we explored a variety of buildings on an area of around 20 hectares. While doing this, we were overwhelmed by the impressive dimensions. We are one of the last people who will be able to see the site with their own eyes before there will be a massive change shortly.

    Many years ago, a gas plant operated on this site. Today, this can only be guessed. But the fact is that this area was like its own small town. There were residential houses for the executive employees and engineers, as well as a hospital, workshops and a big canteen with stage. Some acres of land were even provided for the cultivation of vegetables and the breeding of rabbits. Once, the premises had a size of over 40 hectares. Today only half of the size is left because parts of this property already have a new use. For example, a power plant was built right next door. Around a third of the still existing buildings are under monument protection.

    Canteen by Broken Window Theory, on Flickr

    In 1911, the gasworks went active. Due to the general mechanization here, only 150 people were employed. During World War 2, the site was hit by over 200 bombs due to which seven workers left their lives. The whole plant was damaged really badly back then. Not until the postwar years it was possible to rebuild the gasworks. In 1952, it started to operate again.

    Crates by Broken Window Theory, on Flickr

    Originally, around 50 million cubic meters of city gas were produced here per year. After the reconstruction, the output could even be increased to 166 million cubic meters. Until 1969, the gas production conducted from coal. Only thereafter natural gas was taken as base material. After that, the operation of the gas plant ceased bit by bit. In 1987, the facility was superseded by a district heating plant.

    Pipe System by Broken Window Theory, on Flickr

    Until the year 2006, some of the remaining buildings were used by the administration. Today, mainly the impressive one and two-storied houses, which remind you of mansions, are left. They’re surrounded by two big alleys. It is said that a former worker is still living in one of the residential houses today.

    Ghost Town by Broken Window Theory, on Flickr

    In the course of the production and because of the effects of war, it came to an extensive and profound pollution of the underground. Typical contaminants for gasworks like chemicals got inside the soil and groundwater. Around the year 2005, the whole area was all-encompassing decontaminated. Control examinations of the groundwater proved that the site is no risk of danger any longer.

    Gasworks L #03 by Broken Window Theory, on Flickr

    Now the area is supposed to be revived. A whole new neighborhood is going to be constructed here. Over 1.400 housings are planned as well as large parks. All the design work is already done. In this very year, the building works are supposed to start. The first houses are supposed to be ready at the end of 2018. And nothing will be left that reminds of how this area looked erstwhile.

    The World Is Yours by Broken Window Theory, on Flickr

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    A very nice and comprehensive report.
    When the going gets tough - the tough get going.

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    Now that's how you do a video. Great report or a great site, thanks BWT.

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    I love watching your films guys, always professionally created, great narration and very informative with wonderful techniques and real attention to detail, soundtrack never overpowers the viewing experience...simply fantastic!

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