French Classic Car Graveyard hidden in the Woods with 50+ Abandoned Vehicles

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Jul 25, 2017
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In spring, we embarked on a journey to an undisclosed location in the French countryside. We've uncovered a hidden car cemetery, nestled within a forest - forgotten and forsaken. This is a treasure trove of historical rarities, some of which are only found in museums today.

A variety of vehicles has accumulated in this clearing. A few inhabited houses stand on the edge of the forest, but no one seems to feel responsible for this collection anymore. The owner passed away, and these automobiles have likely been left to rot decades ago. As nature reclaims them, they deteriorate rapidly. For long, the premises served as a dumping ground and parts depot for classic cars. However, today, there's nothing left to salvage.

These vehicles have found their final resting place amidst the shadows of time. Yet, history's echoes still reverberate among the rust and decay, with each car carrying an untold story - one that may be lost forever.

Throughout the years, these old wrecks (we've counted 50+ old-timers) have become fertile ground for new life. Vegetation springs forth from them, and decay turns them into artworks. This ever-evolving collection of classic cars vanishes more each day as it slowly merges with nature. Many of the vehicles in this silent graveyard are true rarities today. Just as they once roared with life, they now whisper the lessons of impermanence to anyone willing to listen.

See more of this classic car graveyard hidden in the woods in our exploration video on YouTube: