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Thread: Vilvoorde power station cooling towers – Belgium – June 2018

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    Default Vilvoorde power station cooling towers – Belgium – June 2018

    The history

    Built as a coal and fuel-oil fired steam power plant, consisting of three units (2x125 MWe and 1x140 MWe). The first unit entered commercial operation in 1959. The steam turbine of the 140 MWe unit 3 was destroyed in 1982 following a grid accident and replaced in 1986 with a new one. The repowered plant retained a steam turbine. But the original coal boiler has been replaced with a Siemens V94.3A gas turbine and associated heat recovery steam generator. The remaining two units were decommissioned as part of the repowering project.

    The net power output of the repowered unit increased from 140 MW to 386 MW, while net efficiency increased from
    38 per cent to 56 per cent.

    Back in early 2015 the power station was overhauled and is now just sat there doing nothing as a standby station if ever needed

    The Explore

    Well I love a power station, but this time I wasn’t there for the station. It was climbing the cooling towers that got my attention. I’ve recently got into doing a fair bit of high stuff in London with some non-forum guys and this was just an extension of that.

    The towers can be seen from miles away and tower (don’t excuse the pun) over the town.

    On arrival I parked a fair walk away and headed towards the towers, well this seemed easier than the UK, a distinct lack of security is always a bonus. Entry to the site was a piece of piss and I was soon inside the tower taking a few pics. Sat having a cold drink and looking out of the door I saw a lone car drive in and out of the power station and I knew once he was gone it was my time to make it up the ladders to the top.

    Once up the initial staircase there are ten ladders to climb with platforms at the top of each one for a little rest lol. The bottom ladder was sheeted up so it took a climb around the outside of this one to make it to the next one. It wasn’t a bad climb but the weather was baking, I almost bailed on the 4the platform. I sat down for a rest and a dink and in the heat managed to convince myself I was crazy…. So I gave myself a stern talking too and headed up the next ladder, constantly keeping an eye out for any security or police.

    With each ladder the view got increasingly better. Ladder number 9 was an odd one, this one is right on the section where the cooling tower starts to curve back out so it feels like you are climbing away from the tower, bit of a headfuck….

    When I eventually made it to the top I decided to stop and have a spot of lunch whilst taking a few pictures and watching the world go by.

    Coming back down as always was a lot quicker and less stressful. Once at the bottom I made my way out and back up the tow path to where I had parked the car and slipped off like I had never been there

    Enjoy the pics

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    Superb photographs especially the one on top of the cooling tower, as HughieD comments - crazy but it gets the shot.
    When the going gets tough - the tough get going.

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    Top work! Nice to see a different perspective.

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    Looks an interesting mooch, Nice One MR, Thanks

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    A bit mental that

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