Hi all

This was the last port of call for the Staffordshire road trip for me and fluffy.

It`s the former Falcon works in Stoke-on-Trent, 99.9% of the works has now gone but 2 "Bottle kilns" remain on the site, they are downdraught glost ovens with circular hovels in a range.

'glost' is a second firing to fix the glaze over the pattern
the 'hovel' is the bottle shaped exterior (the actual kiln is inside) (info pinched from 28DL)

This is old skool brick porn.

Looking at other parts of the site the remains of another 4 kilns can be seen, this is all that remains.

Thanks for looking, all comments are most welcome.
There are a few more shots on my FlickR site so head over too:-


Cheer Newage