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Thread: Northants Pumpy Stuff - 2015-19

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    Default Northants Pumpy Stuff - 2015-19

    Iv done one of these as a single report before but though I would wrap these all up together. This is a combination of many visits over a 4 year period!

    I dont really know what the purpose of these were or how they worked but keep stumbling across them & always like a nosey in them so hoping someone will know the engineering involved!

    Anyway there is a lot of pics from the least interesting to the most, but hey U prob have nothing better to do than look at my crap!

    This boring box of a building sits at the intake end of Cransley Res

    Its pretty empty inside but the amount of electrics alongside the 60's exterior brick points towards a newer installation

    There was also a bilge pump similar that one may find in any ROC post.

    Just a stones throw from this lays another one on the exit side of Thorpe Malsor Res right next to the overflow.

    From the outside this is considerably more attractive!

    But alas inside like a Scottish menu the search bears no fruits!

    Or does it? strangely everything in here is hidden below floor level down a short set of wooden steps!

    On to number 3, this one sits on the river ise & from the outside is a pretty dull building

    Inside however there is plenty of industrial goodness.

    Finally over the east of the county on the Willow brook sits this beautiful old place.

    Unfortunately Iv watched this place deteriorate over the years, but only through natural decay Im pleased to say

    On later visits parts of the ceiling timbers were laying on the machinery.

    Thanks For Looking
    What the hell am I doing, I mean really at my age!

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    Had to look twice then! Thought i recognised the last place! Nice shots.

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