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Thread: Bretby Brick & Stoneware Co., Newhall June 2020

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    Default Bretby Brick & Stoneware Co., Newhall June 2020

    This place is one I'd fancied seeing ever since it popped up in the latter part of last year. I had actually planned a trip to the area to do it along with some other stuff but then the whole lockdown saga started so it was shelved, however it was the first place on my mind earlier this month due to the changing situations the country is in.

    The Klondyke Works, the original name of the building, was built in 1899 with Bretby Brick & Stoneware being formed in 1909. Apparently brick production ceased way back in the 1930s but the company carried on manufacturing stoneware items (mainly dog bowls by the looks of whats left over) on site until 1995 when it closed. Nowadays the land around the site is used by other businesses but the buildings are derelict, interestingly at the corner of the site is a storage yard used by the Barton Boys banger racing team, banger racing being my other main hobby this did raise a smile.

    Looking at others photos on here I missed a few bits, I saw the way into one of the big storage rooms as mentioned in previous posts which was way too sketchy for me to even want to attempt at the moment. However I'm kicking myself as on my visit the bottle kiln building was open but I completely forgot to get any photos of it from the inside - the only way to get to it is from the outside, there are no doors at ground floor level which lead to it and the only staircase in there up to another door has long since collapsed. I wish I knew at the time that nobody had been in there before! I don't know what was up with me here as I struggled to get any photos I was genuinely happy with, maybe it was simple rustiness from not picking up my camera since mid-March, I dunno.

    Thanks for looking :)
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    Looks interesting, like a little TG Greens: but I guess dog bowls aren't as attractive as Cornishware… The bottle kiln is increasingly a rare survivor these days.

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