Lets assume this place used to belong to Ensors. Certainly, the large factory floors, multiple cold-store rooms and huge outdoor-to-indoor crane and large internal lift, all suggest it was a meat processing facility. However this sign confuses me a little;

I'm struggling to find what the connection was between Ensors and Hartpury College. I guess the college could have used the Abattoir as a teaching facility maybe? Can anyone enlighten? I know Gloucestershire College recently built their new campus just up the road from here, so, it's plausible I guess.

However the top floor of this place is very 'college-canteen-ish' (Still has signs above the serving counter where to pick up your starters, main meal and deserts!) and downstairs, there's a load of lockers in the foyer.

Ensors moved into their new, purpose built abattoir, just up the road, sometime in 2011, I believe.

An article online from 2012 says permission was granted to flatten the abattoir site and turn it into a 20m housing estate, which judging by all the building work ongoing there at the moment, is what's now happening.


All the best everyone x