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Thread: spillers mill hull

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    Default spillers mill hull

    an explore from 3 months ago,

    the first floor.

    the 2nd floor

    the 3rd floor

    the 8th floor.

    the 10th + roof

    was a gr8 site in hull, but is now gone only 2 floors left.

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    Looks like a really nice explore that, and really interesting to see inside.

    We have a Spillers Mill in Newcastle as well, and it would seem it was built to the exact same design as the one there, one of my pictures of the outside of the Newcastle:

    Looks like the same design on the exterior and also the same porthole windows at the top etc.

    Its in its dying stages at the minute so should be good for a visit soon, and after seeing this I'm looking forward to it even more now!


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    yep that looks just like it once was, the windows are a Spillers trademark lol.

    if it's anything like this one inside ul be in there for hours lol

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    Default Re: spillers mill hull

    That looks like an interesting site. Love those windows. :)
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