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Thread: Cobb Slater Ltd, Darley Dale, Derbyshire - Jan 09

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    Default Cobb Slater Ltd, Darley Dale, Derbyshire - Jan 09

    Cobb Slater Ltd was established in 1990 were a technical injection moulding company who specialised in the design and manufacture of plastic rolling element bearings and assemblies, technical custom mouldings and secuirty products for domestic electricity supplies.

    From a bit of research they seemed quite innovative aswell, and made the bearings for the wheels of this..

    They closed in May 2007 after BNL, another firm involved with plastics bought all the shares in the company to basically, strip it of it's assets and know-how ect to make their company bigger and better. That meant the loss of 60 jobs which as was said in a news article I found, was very bad news for a small community like Darley Dale.

    When I visited the building seemed pretty secure although I think pikeys had been it at some point as there was a bit of cable sheathing outside. I couldn't do too much probing as it's overlooked on 1 side by houses, the A6 on another and fields on the other 2. I noticed a farmer in one of them paying attention to what I was doing, so thought it was best left to another day..

    I've driven past before and seen the gates open with a police dog van in the yard....

    There was a huge shipping container round the back, which was full...

    Also round the back were what looked like plastic sugar bowls, but they probably aren't

    My only shots of inside, everytime I tried taking pics through glass nothing came out

    Obligatory Chair Shot

    the remainign few are on my photobucket,

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    Arr thats a real shame. I lived as a teenager in Darley Dale and your right. These closures make a big difference in a small community like that.
    Seems to be going a little down hill latey around those parts. Even the toilets had been boarded up last time I visited! We always used to comment that they had no graffiti and never got smashed up.
    I'd still move back at the drop of a hat if I could get a decent job in that area.:)

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