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Thread: Detached Bastion, Kent - August 2014

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    Default Detached Bastion, Kent - August 2014

    Visited with Prickly_buzz & darkhole.

    Built in the mid 1800s as an addition to the Western Heights workings, it was designed as a sacrificial defence, which would explain all the loopholes on the inside of the fort. Notably a worker died in 1860 when a large amount of earth fell on him, whilst he was digging. It saw use up until the end of the century before falling into disrepair. It was used briefly during WWII, but after that took an ever greater decline. I'm pretty sure it's been vandalised and graffed up since long before most of us were Urbexing or in some cases even born.

    I visited this place last Summer and nothing's changed, although it's perhaps slightly more overgrown on the top than I remembered. We cut the explore short in the end as we had to skedaddle and get to another site before we ran out of time. Some angry cockney rambling from somewhere hurried us along a bit also.

    It's an odd place to photograph with very basic equipment, as the light is a bit funny.
    DSC01918 by slimjim_90, on Flickr

    We were greeted by this nice, old, wobbly drawbridge. The counterweights that would have operated it are located in the recesses on the floor either side of it.
    DSC01923II by slimjim_90, on Flickr

    Stairs leading to the top of the fort.
    DSC01925 by slimjim_90, on Flickr

    The top is best described as an overgrown mess! The blackberries were very sweet though...
    DSC01935 by slimjim_90, on Flickr

    Building on the top.
    DSC01932II by slimjim_90, on Flickr

    Inside of the walls.
    DSC01945 by slimjim_90, on Flickr

    Blocked off staircase.
    DSC01951 by slimjim_90, on Flickr

    Another passageway.
    DSC01953 by slimjim_90, on Flickr

    An open area with some dodgy looking slate floors on the upper parts.
    DSC01958 by slimjim_90, on Flickr

    It's very unfortunate that it's so wrecked and that the locals have had their ignorant fun with the place. I'd really like to see this one refurbished a bit or used for something, as it's a fantastic space to be in. I get the feeling that unlike the other fortifications in the area, this one is treated with some degree of indifference.

    Big ups to Prickly_buzz and darkhole for accompanying me on this explore!

    Thanks for looking,

    Guntish Gent

    Pics 'n' Ting

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    Nice one:) I really like the Western Heights, there always seems to be something new to see with each visit!
    Good to see its still accssible, there was a period a couple of years ago when it was locked up

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    Interesting looking place! Thanks :)
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    Great photos of a really interesting site,thanks for sharing.

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