Isle of Grain Night Visit - August 2023

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Feb 19, 2009
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We have seen it all a million times before. I reported it back in 2016 after visiting it with @mookster. But myself and three non members decided to have a sleepover here; which we had been talking about for some time. We loaded up the car and headed for Grain; stocked up with beer, food, tents, inflatable mattresses. and plenty of light power!


Once we set our tents up inside, inflated our mattresses and got comfy; it was time for beers and watching the tide come in all around us.



We certainly chose a nice night for it in Late Summer, plenty of nice colours going on; and a cracking sunset, not too cold either!



It’s a site thats been gooned to death, fished from and explored by everyone and their dog and grandmother; but on a nice night like this was, it really came into its own, and its 67 years of decay were really shinning through I think.

The clement weather continued on into the night; which paved the way for some great night time photography.





By now, the water was very much around us; there was no going back! 13 foot deep and plenty of strong currents, so our tents would indeed be our beds for the night! This left us with no option but to play around with the unlimited light power at our disposal.

I say we; my friends. I took photos whilst various words were crafted at our request!


A slightly off piste “Grain”


One for yours Truly!


One for my Partner[/b]




After getting a bit cold and using all our energy supplies up messing around with lights, we turned in for the evening. It’s actually pretty special falling asleep to the water lapping all around the building; quite a soothing sound.

We were woken the next morning by two guys who had walked out whilst the tide was out to check the building. They asked us what the Fort was; but we were all a bit too sleepy to answer seeing as we’d just woke up!



Noting that the tide was starting to come BACK again, we decided to pack up camp and get back to the car asap. When we got to the shore, we were wet and sandy; and were soon chatting to some slightly perplexed fishermen wondering where we had been!

A good night all in!

Thanks for looking

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Love teh different colours on the stairs shot.
Its a great place, I wouldnt mind doing a overnight on it tbh ... but Id prob get bored & end up swimming back in middle of night
Love teh different colours on the stairs shot.
Its a great place, I wouldnt mind doing a overnight on it tbh ... but Id prob get bored & end up swimming back in middle of night
I’m not sure you would. The currents are incredibly strong here! Ha! Thanks for the kind words. It was a fun night.