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Thread: Cremyll oil storage depot Plymouth - Feb 2018

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    Default Cremyll oil storage depot Plymouth - Feb 2018

    Hi all

    I can`t find much info about this place, in fact I can`t find anything.
    All I do know is that it was a RN fuel supply depot.
    There are 2 main surface tanks complete with concrete bunds and the control buildings all wrecked.

    Could not find the underground site - Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    A few pictures to get things moving.

    One of the concrete tank holders, the steel tanks were inside

    I`m just guessing this might of been a generator set building going by the air vents top and bottom.

    Then on to the only steel tank left intact.

    Not a big site so not a big post, there are one or two more pictures on my Flickr site so head
    on over to :-

    Thanks for looking all comments are most welcome.

    Cheers Newage
    The Newage Traveller gaining entry so you don`t have to.....

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    Nice set of images of this place, somewhat altered since I last saw it. Did your generator room have many filled in squarish holes in walls at floor level and manholes in floor? There was a pump house there at one time and pump houses also have upper and lower air vents, like the ones you have shown.

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    The underground storage tanks are back down the road a little and are obscured.... Interesting site..

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