Solar power station dish Tenerife - October 2022

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Aug 1, 2006
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Hi all
Day 1

Another location for day 1 was the iconic solar power station dish, loads of company hype about this place.
Built in 2008 and planned to provide 12.6MW per year to keep the lights on around Tenerife, build by a Japanese company.
It`s as f***** and derelict as you can get.

I wounder where the money went.

Picture time.



The amazing thing about the dish was that it was all build on site and is made of re-bar.


Right that`s it for the solar power plant as there ain`t much there.
Thanks for looking and all and any comments are most welcome, click the link below to see a few more pictures on my FlickR site.

FlickR Solar power plant

Cheers Newage
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Looking online, this solar energy dish has a chequered history. It was built by a Panama-based company on "protected land" - whatever that is - and "without the necessary permits in place prior to commencement of construction". Tenerife has its home-grown NIMBYs - its farmers - who objected to the dish, despite obviously using oodles of electricity day in, day out, night in, night out. They complained that it was "unsightly" - whereas the lines of steel pylons across their farmland bringing the electricity that powered their farms and homes were not.

So it was never completed, and thus never had a chance of showing its worth.
The company "Lysply tried again three times to restart works but eventually yielded to the public and work stopped permanently".

And: "Today, the site is abandoned and there are no plans to clean up the mess left behind".

What a pity Tenerife is so far from South America; I know of some Argentinian scrap merchants who are looking for another island colonised by Europeans to plunder. And there will be no language problems. Olé!

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