An interesting sight as you drive along the A548 in north wales. in the middle of nowhere aparently in the middle of a field is this huge ship! Yes a ship and a very large one at that. of course its not in the middle of a field its located at the end of a small river outlet but concreted in at the high water mark. Apparently it is now used for storage and is very secure thus ruling out on board exploration.
It started life as a passenger only ferry from heysham to belfast. but was also used for long distance cruises to places like Norway & spain. later it was converted to a car ferry before it was finaly retired in was then towed to its present location and concreted in at the high water mark. it was proposed that it was to be converted to a 300 room hotel. but this never happened. its uses since included being used as a market the stalls being set out on the car deck. and also being used as a night club known as the "Fun Ship". more info can be found at the following website:-
P.S Does anyone know what the large round brick tower is on the opposite side of the A548,DIRECTLY ACCROSS FROM THE FABRIC WAREHOUSE.

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