one of the sites that's been bugging me, this. the hoarding is always mended very quickly and i kept seeing old repaired opportunities. finally i was passing at the right moment..

it's not very big, but a bit tardis-like the other side of the hoarding. i think it's a listed building because of the age of the original part, and the in use nursery next door is the same age and design. not sure the exact year but i'm guessing victorian same as the surrounding streets of terraces. it likely has a date stone i missed.

it was also a higher education place and i started an abortive course here. over the road was a huger building, tall and evey and all bare painted bricks inside, but they demolished that one. not so the raggedy school, but it's a bit vandalised.

by the stairs:

canteeny looking bit. out the window you can see the courtyard in the middle, overlooked on two sides by all-window corridors:

one of the original bits. they all look like this:

a hall in the original part. there's three or four:

telltale pipes in a corridor:

yes there was a boiler room with cogs! but with newish boilers:

lastly, the playground at the back:

i will put it on site but not got time at the moment..




edit: found the date it was built in a mag that just dropped through the letter box. :)