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Thread: Red Bank Secure Unit, Newton-le-Willows, Jan 2020

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    Default Red Bank Secure Unit, Newton-le-Willows, Jan 2020

    Ive had this on my list of things to do the first time i herd it was shutting, with who had been here. I was interested as am sure many people are just how easy or hard they had it.I could have spent days walking round. I didnt include the new education block at the back as its only been built a few year before it shut, but maybe on another visit.

    Red Bank secure unit, part of Red Bank Community Home, was one of several English Local Authority Secure Children’s Homes (a juvenile detention facility) located in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside. It opened in 1965, when it was one of three such units, and accepted both boys and girls.The unit closed in May 2015.

    In 1990, when it housed 26 boys and young men convicted of serious crimes including murder, rape and arson, John Evans, the local member of parliament, described its work as "excellent and valuable" and said, "The special unit is not a harsh place, but it has rules that must be adhered to. The young people learn self-control and discipline in an affectionate environment that is sensitive to their special needs." It later specialised in accommodating child sex offenders. In 2009, it was one of nine secure children's homes in England.

    Mary Bell was initially sent to the unit and it later housed Jon Venables, one of James Bulger's killers. Allegations that a female employee of the unit had engaged in sexual activity with Venables while he was imprisoned there were widely reported in 2011

    The sign by road

    The unit Jon Venables finished off his sentance in (so google says plus some ex inmates)


    Room off the gym


    Kitchen 2


    Stairs to cells

    Cells upstairs

    Looking in to cell

    Looking out of cell

    Name on bed


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    Interesting looking mooch.
    Nice one.
    Don't panic, be reet!!!

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