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Thread: Easthampstead Park Ice house.

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    Default Easthampstead Park Ice house.

    Not the best report here I'm afraid.
    Fairly basic but what can one do whilst on lockdown?
    Took the opportunity whilst walking my dads dog for him after dropping off his weeks shopping.

    Just somewhere I played as a kid growing up.

    It used to be well buried in woods by my dads and only the entrance poking out of a large mound.

    Unfortunately it has been filled in and eroded somewhat. The woods surrounding it are a play park now.
    As kids we called it the bomb shelter. Now I know otherwise.

    Build out of local made bricks, possibly provided ice to the royalty!

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    Amazing what out there.
    I wonder what big house it served.....?

    Cheers newage.
    The Newage Traveller gaining entry so you don`t have to.....

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    It served Easthampstead Park house, a large manor house, dating back to Henry the 8th, I believe Kathryn of Aragon was housed there.
    Lots of that sort of history here, only a stones throw from Windsor. Unfortunately not much in the way of derelict of abandoned spaces. Nearly all very much in use or very secure. Though there is one military site I've my eye on very local to me Easthampstead Park Ice house.

    Pic attached of the rather nice abode it served.
    Currently a council owned site in the process of privatisation and then conversion into a hotel. Shame.

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