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Thread: Potter Manor House - September 2010

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    Thumbs up Hi and Thanks For The Lovely Pictures

    Hi Excuse my ingnorance here I sorts new too What is HDR? i really liked the Pics Thanks so much Rose:p

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    I will try not to bore those that know but basically you take 3-7 photos of the same object at different exposure values then you can combine them using something like photomatix and it takes the highlights and shadows of each to create an image. High end compacts and most new DSLR's support exposure bracketing which is the easiest way to take the required pics:

    Like this

    and you get this

    Obviously you can tinker with the exact results but that HDR and it stands for High Dynamic Range.

    You will need - DSLR/High end compact that supports Exposure Bracketing, tripod, photomatix pro software (My preference but adobe cs3 & 4 I think do it too) and a remote shutter release is handy. If you want to know more feel free to PM me

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