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Thread: Westhall Lodge, Aberdeenshire (heaps of photo's)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bax__ View Post

    Oh yeah I remember her saying! Aye she woulda made a good tour guide - and I bet you got shown the pickles aye? :P

    Pickles - Check! I'd seen them on 28dl and she couldn't wait to show me and take even more photo's of them! Did I read that they went missing too? If so was the Pickle thief ever caught?
    lol they did go missing - but guess who found them...... yep! Gorecki!

    She has some sort of connection to them! No kidding!

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    mintage! haven't seen this before!

    looks like it was once great, but rising costs killed it

    hopefuly it might get done up! I know of a lot of smaller castle type houses in the south of scotland that are getting some much needed cash to restore them to at least a watertight condition!:)

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