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Thread: Farm and buildings nr Welshpool

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    Default Farm and buildings nr Welshpool

    Almost abandonned farm near Welshpool, seen as I drove past, the house being clearly neglected.

    I thought the farm was still in use as the yard was full of wrapped silage bales, but when I explored, I found the whole place empty apart from a small family of kittens, and the three cows in one of the sheds.

    The house still has bits of stuff in it, all of which appears to be 50's vintage, suggesting that the owner probably died not too long ago. I could have got in but didn't.

    The shed at the back would be fascinating to trawl through if you had the time, its literally piled high with stuff. It looks like house and business clearance stuff of various ages.

    Only three cows now in residence where one there would probably have been hundreds.

    There is still some activity on the site though very little. As I stepped out of the shed with the cows in, I saw what looked like the owner showing someone around the front of the house. I stepped out expecting a row, only to find they both had their back to me, and so neither noticed as I walked up the yard, and out the main gate. Bit of relief there.

    nice window detail, probably to be replaced by UPVC anytime soon . .shame.

    Shame about this apple tree, loads of fruit down, and the tree chopped down as well

    Interesting detail on the grain hopper

    A Fergie 35 descending into the undergrowth

    On iron horse which looks largely complete

    Bit of a surprise to find this dead cow rotting at the back of the shed. I know its illegal not to bury a carcass, but I haven't rung environment health just yet.

    The chicken shed, cedar clad, probably from the 60's, now full of stuff

    Boot rack for an MGB, or spitfire

    Tyre sculpture

    The only residents left in the place

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    nice one, liking the tractors and get that retro boot rack on ebay :p

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