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Thread: The Puppy Farm, Surrey - December 2017

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    The daughter was killed just to the left of the front door, in front of that kennel. The wife was shot in the dining room.
    Looks like the set dressers have put been in there too, what with the skull and stuff.

    The windows were only smashed fairly recently.

    Each time I see that safe I wonder whats in it, hes the sort to keep everything in one.
    Its a tragic story, you can hear her phone call to the 999 centre here:

    The horrible old git deserves to suffer, why the police gave him his shotguns back ill never know, they share the responsibility for those womens deaths.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BeyondUrbex View Post
    Its a tragic story, you can hear her phone call to the 999 centre here:
    I'm sorry, but why the link for the morbidly curious amongst us? Post the location by all means, but why ever release any 999 calls? I was involved with scenes of crime, death and destruction all my working life and some details should not be blasted all over the Web.

    Thanks given by: Brewtal, Hugh Jorgan

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