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Thread: Brogynytn Farm Mill - Oct 19

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    Default Brogynytn Farm Mill - Oct 19

    Really cant tell you much about this place other than the main house is still occupied & this was obviously a water mill at some time.

    Not sure what it was used for, there are no mill wheels left, just a lot of pulley wheels etc.

    Any history on this one appreciated.

    I assume this was originally the waterway but there is no sign of a wheel now

    The barns are large spaces being used for a small amount of storage & not much else but seem in good condition

    On the higher levels there is large loading doors & more pulleys

    Just when we though we were done this delight was thrown up.

    Nestled next to a small lake I can only assume this was a pump house or something, despite the decay it was quite beautiful.

    Thanks for looking

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